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【Let’s chat!!】 07 ★☆ 2017.09.08


Question of the day:
If you could give a gift to each of the members, what would it be and why?

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Social Media Translations: Jun-ji

【TRANSLATION】 JUN-JI via Twitter & Instagram | 2017.09.04

I’m home ( ー́∀ー̀ )

Social Media Translations: IKUO

【TRANSLATION】 IKUO via Twitter & Instagram | 2017.09.04

good morning! Today is recording!

Today’s recording was angela! I recorded 3 songs! I’m looking forward to the release (^^)
I recorded it with the first of LONG WAY and the 33 inch prototype!

Social Media Translations: Eijiro

【TRANSLATION】 EIJIRO via Twitter | 2017.09.04

I caught a cold although the aco (*acoustic live) reservation has started~😭💦
I have to get well soon…

Everyone also has to be careful as temperature changes rapidly! 👈 (…)! lol 😝